Melody Frees Photography: Blog en-us (C) Melody Frees Photography [email protected] (Melody Frees Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Melody Frees Photography: Blog 96 120 Maddie I had such fun photographing Maddie. This is the third time I've had the opportunity to photograph her. She is so much fun. I can't believe how quickly she's grown!

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This is Clementine. She was so much fun to photograph! Such a smiley happy baby!! She loved the beads!

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Jenna and Travis Wedding I was blessed with the opportunity to photography Jenna and Travis on their wedding day. They are such a beautiful couple. It was so much fun to be able to capture their special day. Here is a sneak peek at some of their pictures. 


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Holly Senior Pictures On Saturday I had the opportunity to do senior pictures for a friend's daughter. She is such a gorgeous girl. She has the most beautiful eyes. 
I had a lot of fun doing the shoot. I hope she likes the pictures as much as I do.

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Jenna and Travis Engagement Today I got the opportunity to photograph Jenna and Travis for their engagement session. It was so much fun. They are such a great couple to work with. We went down to Corona Del Mar to do pictures on the beach. T_J-8982

I am so excited to photograph their wedding in June!


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Hild Family I had such a great time photographing this family. I just love to hang out with them. They are so much fun!! I got to take Maddie's newborn pictures when she was only a couple of days old. I can't believe she is already a year!! 

We went down to Laguna Beach where they took their engagement pictures. I haven't been to the beach in quite awhile so it was fun to walk around and explore the beach. Maddie was hilarious! She loves playing in the sand and would giggle every time the water hit her feet.  Hild-7325 Hild-7428 Hild-7444 Hild-7453 Hild-7476 Hild-7505 Hild-7513 Hild-7527 Hild-7549 Hild-7575 Hild-7604 Hild-7723

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Update I'm going to bring my blog over here now. I decided it would be easier to have everything in one place. My personal (although neglected) blog will stay at but my professional blog is going to move over here. Hopefully I can figure out how to bring all of my old posts over here. But they will just have to go on the "To Do" list :)

I started two new classes this semester. Color Photography and Business Practices for Photography. My goals this semester are to improve my knowledge of photography and to improve and grow my business. I am making a point to put 100% into both of these classes. I have made the decision to succeed and I am going to do all that I can to accomplish that. 

My first assignment for Color Photography was titled "Colors of the Day." The description of the assignment is - Based upon information provided in class, we learned that light at different times of the day may dramatically change the character and communication of a photograph. The assignment is with a digital camera, produce four photographs that successfully illustrate the identifiable characteristics of at least four of the lighting situations listed above (Before Sunrise, Early Morning, Midday, Late Afternoon, Twilight, Night) The choice of subject is yours but must be consistent from photo to photo. 

I made the decision to photograph Portillos. It is a restaurant here in town that has a really cool, old fashioned looking building. I went over there for my first photographs at sunset last Sunday. The sun wasn't quite where I wanted it when I got there so I walked around for awhile to see what else I could take pictures of in the mean time. I found some really cool trees that looked really awesome during the sunset so I took some pictures of them. Then I walked down a little further to this other building that I've been wanting to take some pictures of for awhile. I believe it's a State Comp Building. I took some pictures there and walked back down to Portillos. I took pictures on all fours sides of the building plus I remembered next door is a cement factory so I took some pictures of there too. 

The next morning I got up at 6:15 (YAWN!!!) to go down and take more pictures. I was a little disappointed because it was SUPER foggy so I wouldn't be able to get sunrise pictures but I got some awesome pictures in the fog. I walked all over and took pictures of all of the same places. 

Last night hubby and I went back and took night pictures. I couldn't get any of the trees because it was too dark and there wasn't any lights around them. But I got all of the rest of them. 

Today I went back and got early(ish) morning pictures. I had so many pictures to choose from it was hard to narrow it down. I've put them together by subject and still am not sure what I am going to turn in. Here are my choices:


COD 2 COD 3 COD 4 COD 5 I love the ones of the trees. The color change is so dramatic. I am really contemplating going back and trying to get one more time of the day to finish that set off. 

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